Solutions for power utilities

Aartesys solutions allow for second-by-second transmission and representation of energy data using diverse communication channels (2G, 3G, 4G, LAN, fibre optics) as well as secure two-way communication.

In the power supply area, Aartesys offers the following standardized solutions:

  • Energy data reading 
  • Energy and voltage quality measurements  
  • Monitoring substations 
  • Secure remote access 
  • Easy switching tasks via Aartesys I/O module 

Aartesys systems have successfully been used in a wide range of energy supply installations. Classical applications include remote meter readout and remote access to measuring instruments, among others.

Typically, the systems are also used as data loggers in substations. The flexible integration of ripple control tasks into the Aartesys solutions is supported.


  • Different products in the meter park
  • Different meter logs
  • Different physical interfaces at the meter
  • Different software interfaces (ZFA, EDM, etc)
  • Different communication paths (wireless, wired) and technologies (3G, 4G, 5G, ETH, PLC, fiber etc.)


  • EasyGateway® family (interfaces, protocol standardization)
  • Amira as middleware and API for easy orchestration of the meter park and connection to peripheral systems
  • Total solution on premise or everything as a service

Customer benefits

  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • Smart data forwarding in your enterprise systems or private cloud
  • Flexible, non-proprietary and multi-utility
  • Future-proof All-IP solution independent of communication path
  • Cloud-ready solution
  • Plug and play

Success Stories

A core component of the BKW

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Smart metering, energy data smarter than ever.

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Janitza – remote access, state-of-the-art

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Energy and voltage quality measurements.

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Industrial IoT platform AMIRA

The AMIRA management system is a highly scalable and modular expandable IIoT platform for device management, monitoring and fault detection, remote access for troubleshooting, as well as reporting and alerting.

AMIRA represents the central infrastructure for recording and managing data streams from and to communication gateways, edge devices, sensors. In this process, AMIRA serves as a data hub that facilitates secure and controllable communication with ERP’s, production systems, big data servers or support systems.

The AMIRA management system is based on the latest IP-based protocols and permits worldwide secure communication with the managed devices.

  • The fully IP-based device communication supports any wired IP communication as well as the growing range of mobile communication standards and mobile IoT communication offers.
  • The system functions have been designed for high operational security, especially for communication via mobile networks, and no special requirements, such as a fixed IP etc., are required.
  • The software architecture is geared towards maximum scalability.
  • Open modern northbound interfaces guarantee a seamless integration into peripheral systems and secure interoperability.
  • The security of the data is a top priority and ensured by the architecture, while secure communication is guaranteed through high-level and verified encryption processes.

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EasyGateway® EG V52

The non-proprietary and independent VPN appliance for utility companies!

Security and productivity for secure access to your internal networks or for data exchange in your environments.

Wide range of local serial interfaces for metering applications, control center topics and the monitoring of transformer stations.

Future-proof and sustainable software design for the next mobile phone generations.
With the exchangeable mobile radio module you stay fit for the future and thus protect your investment.

Tailor-made computing power. With scalable processors, we can always provide the
resources required for your application.

Flyer EasyGateway® EG V52

Type Processor RAM Flash WAN WAN Mobile LAN RS485 Options
V52 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 UMTS 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet UMTS/HSPA+ 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 LTEC1 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet LTE Cat.1/GPRS 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 GPRS 1 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet GPRS 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 LTEC4 1 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet LTE Cat.4/UMTS/HSPA+/GPRS 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 LTEM1 2 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet LTE Cat.M1/Cat.NB1 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 LTEM1 2 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet WiFi 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all
V52 LTEM1 2 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet USB 2 x Fast Ethernet switched 1 all

1) no standard, on request only 2) no standard, on request only from Q2/2018

EasyGteway® EG V50

The EasyGateway® family offers a wide range of communication options, Internet protocols, secure and direct Internet communication, as well as a large spectrum of local serial interfaces. Especially for the applications in the energy supply area, common meter protocols such as IEC, DLMS and M-Bus have been implemented by default.

User manual EasyGateway® EG V50

Type Processor RAM Flash WAN WAN Mobile LAN RS485 Options
V50 400MHz 128MB 128MB 1 x Fast Ethernet 1 all
V50 UMTS 400MHz 128MB 128MB UMTS/HSPA+ 1 x Fast Ethernet 1 all
V50 LTEC1 400MHz 128MB 128MB LTE Cat.1/GPRS 1 x Fast Ethernet 1 all
V50 GPRS 1 400MHz 128MB 128MB GPRS 1 x Fast Ethernet 1 all
V50 LTEC4 1 400MHz 128MB 128MB LTE Cat.4/UMTS/HSPA+/GPRS 1 x Fast Ethernet 1 all
V50 LTEM1 2 400MHz 128MB 128MB LTE Cat.M1/Cat.NB1 1 x Fast Ethernet 1 all

1) no standard, on request only 2) no standard, on request only from Q2/2018

RS-485-PLC Extender

We all have been faced with this problem: An energy meter is located on the lower basement level with no communication options and difficult installation conditions for setting up a remote communication unit?

In this case, it is possible to install the EasyGateway® in a zone where mobile communication is unrestrictedly available, for example. The RS485-PLC-Extender can bridge the distance between the meter and the communication gateway using the power grid – quickly, unproblematically and without the need to install cables.

Flyer PLC Extender

I/O module

Our I/O module is the ideal addition to our EasyGateway® family. It permits the integration of analog and digital signals into an existing network and is excellently suited for performing easy switching tasks. The I/O module has four independently switchable digital inputs and respectively two outputs. The inputs/outputs and the I/O module are configured by the EasyGateway via the web browser.

AarteWAN LoRa Gateway

Wireless for the IoT. The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) requires the wireless connection of many different devices, installations and machines. Long-range wireless technology is increasingly gaining in significance as a cost-effective alternative to the GSM network. Our LoRa gateway is used as base station reaching end devices and sensors within a distance of up to 20 kilometres, and this even inside buildings and – for shorter distances – even in basements. In combination with our AarteWan metering module, utility companies use our solution for energy data reading.

Flyer AarteWAN LoRA Gateway

AarteWAN LoRa Metering Module

With the  AarteWAN Metering Module,  Aartesys presents another secure option for reading household meters that relies on the cost-efficient LoRa wireless technology. Naturally, we also offer you a complete LoRa end-to-end system. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to receive more information.

Flyer AarteWAN LoRa Meteringmodul

Janitza, solutions for energy and voltage quality measurements

Janitza electronics is the leading supplier of energy measuring technology and measuring devices and offers a complete range of network monitoring devices with the corresponding accessories – the UMG series.

These devices help gain a comprehensive overview of your energy supply, set limits and issue warnings when these are exceeded. Besides, the network quality is monitored according to applicable standards (e.g. EN 50160).

The C2C Service and the EasyGateway® from Aartesys gives you worldwide access to your measuring technology at any time. These integrate the necessary features into the Janitza software making automatic connection establishment and access to the quality measurement data extremely easy for the client.

Success Story Janitza

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