Protecting life and infrastructure

Early alerting can save lives. The AarteLink® monitors all types of natural hazards. It is used for events such as falling stones, avalanches, debris flow, flood, and many more. 

Thanks to wireless communication and autonomous feed-in, AarteLink® can be installed quickly at any place and is ready for use within a very short time. 



  • “Lightweight solutions” for the detection and recording of natural hazards
  • Independent power supply of the devices at difficult-to-access and remote sites
  • Transportability, installation and operation of the solution
  • Maintenance autonomy



  • AarteLink® GeoSensor (high-resolution position and acceleration measurement)
  • Optional functions, such as trigger line, tele tensometer, geophone
  • Alerting by voice call, SMS, traffic lights and sirens
  • AarteLink® monitor (alarm reception, orchestration of the gateways and sensors)


Customer benefits

  • Fast and flexible radio solution
  • Independent of the power grid, railway and signalling systems
  • High availability thanks to redundancy on all levels
  • Permanent monitoring of the entire system
  • Independent of vegetation type
  • Low-maintenance


Success Stories

For more on these two exemplary applications, including illustrations, pictures, detailed descriptions and contacts, visit the AarteLink® website.


SBB rock fall alerting

Any changes in position, for example of protection netting or supports. as well as vibrations are reported. Also, events are reported by rope tripping. Sensors forward the data to the control centre (train control system, TCS).

Sättelital avalanche alerting

Multiple sensors (pendulum sensor, rope tripping, vibration, sensor) with automatic alerting and traffic light or siren control. AarteLink® Gateway for the transmission to e-mail, SMS, voice messages.

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