The Aartesys skills at a glance



The skills are cross-application and cross-industry. From data recording and transport through to the integration of vital information into your existing environment.

The Aartesys know-how, the products and services are actively used in different sectors and industries. For example for the protection against natural hazards (observation, measurement, alerting), in building automation, for smart metering in the energy sector, for regulating and controlling devices at major distribution and retail centres.



The Aartesys skills in detail


Software development

Embedded Systems, embedded Linux, system software, apps.

Tap the software talents of Aartesys. From the measuring point and connectivity through to the secure environment.


System integration

Across all levels, from the device universe to the service.

The integrative services provided by Aartesys make it easy to feed all types of inputs dynamically and reliably into any type of environment.



Device development

Edge devices, smart gateways, protocol converters.

Aartesys develops prototypes, gets devices ready for series production and customizes existing systems to your special use case.


Sensor development

Intelligent wireless and wired sensors.

When standard sensor systems fail to fulfil your requirements, the work of our specialists begins! We specialize in the design of high-precision special sensors that can easily be linked and integrated.



Standardized services from the IoT framework

Enterprise environment or cloud.

Middleware and API as a Service. For easy orchestration of our gateways, sensors and third-party products.


Services based on individual use cases

Commercially or technically.

You want to perfectly represent your individual use case? We offer all services to ensure that a good solution can be adapted easily, quickly and at low cost.



Project management

As general contracting service or in a sub-project.

From project definition to organization and implementation! Joint clarification of goals, result-oriented project planning, effective implementation concept and pragmatic controlling mechanisms.


Maintenance & support

To ensure that all components are always up-to-date and functional.

The maintenance & support services from Aartesys guarantee uninterrupted operation and rapid intervention! We do almost everything to ensure that you have peace of mind and can end your workday punctually, as you deserve.





The video of the Aartesys skills

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