An extract from the list of customers

Our customers come from both the public and the private sector. They operate in different industries and rely on the know-how of Aartesys for applications in building automation, natural hazard alerting, for remote access, for meter reading, etc.


Building automation for Swisscom uses the Aartesys solution for infrastructure monitoring Management of approx. 1000 Swisscom buildings. The Aartesys system issues alerts e.g. in the event of failures of the power supply or ventilation systems, as well as water ingress, and monitors building management installations. The system communicates via the high-security network BNN, which is the core network of Swisscom.


Daily reading of the load profile meters of network operators and industrial facilities represents an extremely important business for BKW, the power production and distribution utility with headquarters in Bern. In the past, this was implemented analogously in the distribution network of BKW via telephone lines or GSM modems. Since 2012, the tried-and-tested ALL-IP solution from Aartesys does the job.


Gravitative natural hazards are an important topic for SBB. Not only can mud slides, rock fall, falling stones, debris flow and avalanches put tracks out of operation for extended periods, they also represent a danger for life and limb. The AarteLink® solution from Aartesys successfully stops the trains in time to prevent them from colliding with a natural hazard event and derailing.


Janitza electronics is the leading supplier of energy measuring technology and measuring devices and offers a complete range of network monitoring devices with the corresponding accessories – the UMG series. The C2C Service and the EasyGateway® from Aartesys provides customers access to their Janitza measuring technology – worldwide and 24/7. For this, the necessary features were integrated into the Janitza software making automatic connection setup and access to the quality measurement data extremely easy for the client.


ESB is the leading energy services provider and water supply company in the Biel region. The tried-and-tested ALL-IP solution from Aartesys is used for reading gas meters, among others, based on which the load profile is generated in the EasyGateway® and is forwarded to the RMR for further processing.


Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s convergence champion and the No. 1 for converged communications services, offers a comprehensive suite of communication services and solutions in the areas landline (telephony and broadband), mobility, content, WiFi and Smart Services. Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) uses the Aartesys solution for monitoring all emergency call centres (999 Emergency Services) of the blue light organisations of Malaysia.




Extract from more success stories


CDR recording at Swisscom

Recording of phone call data records of all public landline exchange points via the central protocol converters from Aartesys via the IP core network to the central Swisscom billing systems (approx. 70 million records / day).


Automatic response station ISDN Swisscom

Aartesys solution for the automatic testing of terminal equipment connected to the ISDN telecommunication network.


Call Center RAS Center (Schindler, worldwide)

RAS server solution from Aartesys AG for the seamless integration of the modem data communication into the  IP world. Recording and measurement of traffic data at Schindler’s emergency call centres in CH, D, F, I and E.


Call Center Monitoring (ENI, ENEL, Poste Italiane, Banca fideuram, Italien)

Analysis and monitoring of  ISDN telephony using the Aartesys AMIRA solution and LMS probes.