From the company’s foundation in 2000 until today

Having evolved from the legendary Ascom, Aartesys initially focussed on data communication for large enterprises in telecommunications, for emergency call centres and for telephony in general. Since 2009, Aartesys has shifted its main focus to the «Internet of Things» (IoT).

Today, Aartesys is a leading Swiss company for connectivity, integration and sensor technology.


2018: New company headquarters

After 18 years at Bahnhofplatz 7, Biel-Bienne, we moved into our new and modern company headquarters at Silbergasse 32, Biel-Bienne.


2017: Foundation of Aartesys Deutschland GmbH

In April 2017, we founded the 100% subsidiary rma Aartesys Deutschland GmbH in Emmendingen. This enables us to serve the European market even more conveniently.


2014: Launch of AarteLink® – The quantum leap in natural hazards alarms

The flexible wireless solution for natural hazards monitoring and alerting.


2014: Launch of connect2control®

This service allows you hassle-free access to your systems, whether machines, equipment, controls, locking systems, and many more – at any time and from any place.


2014: Opening of the Hombrechtikon / ZH branch

Due to the strong market demand, we continue to expand the areas hardware development, production control and specialist projects and open the branch in Hombrechtikon.


2010: 10-year anniversary – Aartesys Service AG is founded

It supports services relating to machine-to-machine communication and data acquisition. Aartesys AG, in turn, has shifted its main focus to research, development, marketing, sales and project management.


2009: Aartesys launches the EasyGateway®

With the launch of the EasyGateway®, Aartesys offers a convenient and cross-sector standard solution for telemetry tasks, secure remote access and control of devices and machines.


2005: Focus on the Telco industry

Diverse international projects are completed with renowned carriers. The delivery of our Voice Quality Monitoring Systems for TMNet in Malaysia represents an important highlight.


2000: Foundation of Aartesys AG in Biel / BE

The founders of Aartesys had a vision: To develop services and products that are capable of optimally supporting the increasing digitization and connection of plants and machines. Already at that time, the areas security and alerting were central topics. The first few projects were completed, namely for blue light organisations and telecommunications providers.

At the same time, investment in research and development was prioritized. Soon, Aartesys software was being used in Switzerland, Italy and also at the globally operating Schindler group. Call Data Records (CDR) for billing of 70 million records/day or the monitoring of emergency call centres represented main activities in the early days of Aartesys.  Already back then, the founder team knew that IP-based systems would be the future standard.